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  • About Viva Las Vegas:

Among all the fast-service wedding chapels in Las Vegas and the upscale expensive locations provided by the resorts and
casinos, Viva Las Vegas is a breath of fresh air. Don’t let the name fool you; Viva Las Vegas is neither tacky nor overpriced,
and it is a great choice for a traditional wedding or a special themed wedding emulating the fun and spirit of Las Vegas.

Viva Las Vegas is one of the prettiest chapels in Las Vegas, and it is also the largest. Unlike other chapels that feature an
older, church-style décor, Viva Las Vegas is rather modern in design. A gleaming Spanish tile floor sets off the pale green
carpet which runs the grand length of the aisle. Exotic flower arrangements adorn the chapel and quaint wooden pews
year round. Up to 100 guests can be accommodated in the luxurious mission style chapel, which features a wood-beamed
vaulted ceiling and cathedral-style stained glass windows.

Our free web cam coverage will allow you to share this special day with family and friends the world over. In addition, we
are the only chapel in Las Vegas featuring an organ loft, allowing a bride to select live music and even a soloist to sing that
special wedding song! Couples can opt for an indoor wedding in the main chapel, smaller chapel (which is equipped with a
camera for broadcasting over the internet), or DooWop Diner chapel (a 50s themed diner setting). Outdoor weddings are
also available in the gazebo or French-style garden. Moreover, the chapel makes it easy to have a romantic, unhurried
traditional wedding with features such as photography packages, videography, wedding flowers, a wedding coordinator,
limousine, and even rental wedding tuxedos. The staff is also courteous and extremely attentive, with several members on
site at any given time.

What the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel specializes in, however, are non-traditional weddings. They offer 32 different
wedding themes ranging from Hollywood or celebrity-themed weddings, such as an Alice Cooper wedding, Sigmund and
Freud wedding, and Liberace wedding, to era weddings, such as a 50’s, 60’s, and Disco wedding, a Western wedding, and
a Camelot wedding. Other wacky and fun themes include Gothic, Gangster, Pirate, Egyptian, Rocky's Horror Picture Show,
and more. The most popular theme is the Elvis Pink Caddy wedding package, in which Elvis makes his entrance in a Vintage
64 Pink Caddy convertible by himself or with the Bride, or Bride & Groom!

Whether you’re seeking an intimate classic ceremony in an intimate and beautiful setting or a fun ceremony you’ll never
forget customized with a theme you love, Viva Las Vegas wedding chapel is determined to make your dream wedding a

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